Testimonials from Parents

“Teachers make or break the childs’ interest in school. The ladies at Promised Future are by far; the most talented at instilling positive, fun, co-operative attitudes in the children they teach. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time at Promised Future and begs to go back every P.A. Day!”

-Heather, Parent

“Having my girls at Promised Future was an amazing experience for both my girls and myself.  Michelle and Sandra are kind, funny and amazing teachers that helped my girls and I grow.  Together, they helped me through the picky eating phase, their potty training phase, learning how to spell their names and most of all, their social development with other children their own age and many more learning curves.  By the time my girls started kindergarten, they were confident, happy and were able to transition with ease.  With loving care and attention, Sandra and Michelle are amazing teachers, whom I trusted and welcomed all their knowledge and feedback.  They truly are the representation of caring and mindful teachers that love the work that they do.  Promised Future is a gem and I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful moments my children experienced while they were under Sandra and Michelle’s  care.
Thank-you both for such a wonderful experience in our lives.”

~Danethza Perez, Parent

“Our daughter started kindergarten this year and was able to write all her letters, count to 50 and spell her name; all this was far more advanced then other students in her class and we contribute this to the instruction given during her time at Promised Future.”


“Everytime my son goes to Promised Future, I can’t get him to leave; he is having so much fun, laughing, playing and singing songs.”

~Lucio, Parent

“Taking my children to Promised Future was by far the best decision I could have made in regards to child care. Not only are they well-priced, convenient and accommodating; but Michelle and Sandra were adored by my two daughters. They are fun, yet firm and are great teachers. I believe in Promised Future, so much so, that I have referred many of my friends and family to bring their children there and I can’t wait until my youngest daughter is old enough to go there as well!”

~Bianca Bertolo, Parent