Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to provide opportunities to enhance each child’s health and personal growth. To ensure that all the children that we care for receive the guidance and nurturing they deserve, in preparation for the years to come.


…Their Future and Ours

We are committed to the promotion and delivery of quality child care. The maintenance and continued improvement of quality care demands the recognition of an underlying philosophy upon which high standards in curriculum programming can be developed.

Children are seen as active participants in their environments, and are, by nature, problem solvers. Learning then is an active process whereby opportunities to explore and interact with the environment are key components in a child’s growth and development. We deliver stimulating learning experiences in a safe environment that enhances children’s social, intellectual, physical, and emotional development.

We feel that a child’s growth follows a development sequence that is universal, but that within that sequence, each child proceeds at different rates and in unique ways.

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