The following document provides full details on Promised Future Preschool response plan to Covid-19 protocols.




All Protocols Itemized:

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For more information on other general protocols, please review our Parents Handbook here.

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Additional Updates on Covid-19

Program advisors will be using the “Request for Revision” process for all COVID-19 related serious occurrences. This process will give licensees the opportunity to revise an open serious occurrence. i.e. change suspected to confirmed or add/remove individuals impacted.

For all serious occurrences not related to COVID-19, the update process will continue.

Additional Information/Tips:

  • Where a serious occurrence has been reported for a suspected case (as defined above) and the individual’s test results are positive, licensees must revise the original serious occurrence report submitted. Please do not upload test results to the report. These documents are not required.
  • Where a serious occurrence has been reported under this category and that report remains open in CCLS, should a second individual develop a suspected or confirmed case, licensees must revise the existing/open serious occurrence report; i.e. new serious occurrence is NOT required to be submitted where there is an existing report that remains open.   However, where a second individual develops a suspected or confirmed case and there is not an open serious occurrence report under this category, the licensee must submit a NEW report.
  • Please note: should the entire child care, part of the child care (i.e. a program room) or a home child care provider’s home close due to a “confirmed or suspected case”, a separate serious occurrence for an unplanned disruption of service is NOT required to be submitted. Licensees must include this information in the Serious Occurrence report and/or revise the serious occurrence report when the closure occurs.

The Ministry recommends licensees refer to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms  which outlines the symptoms which have been most commonly associated with COVID-19.